Recycling Fibers into Sustainable Medium

Producing Strong, Recyclable Foundation for Corrugated

roll paper-gmpaperco-corrugating medium

We supply high-quality recycled corrugating medium or fluting to corrugated box manufacturers in basis weights ranging from 18# to 40#. Our medium forms the corrugated inner layer that provides strength and rigidity to packaging boxes.

By recycling post-consumer waste paper into medium, we give new life to materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Our use of 100% recycled fiber is environmentally responsible in line with our FSC certification. GMPC is FSC certified, providing assurance that our paper contains fiber from responsible sources.

We continuously invest in new technology and equipment to enhance our paper quality and manufacturing capabilities. This allows us to produce durable medium with excellent performance in corrugators.

All of our recycled medium is proudly made in the USA at our green mill facility in Ohio.

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Corrugating Medium
(100% recycled)

Rolls Specifications for All Grades

Corrugating Medium (100% recycled)


Maximum of 2 Splices per Roll
No Splice within 6″ of Core
No Splices within 2″ of each other
No Splice within 1″ of Outside Diameter

Machine Width:

GMPC Medium Specs 04 17 23.xlsx
Machine #1 (The Edge): 104″
Machine #2 (The Advantage): 104″     

Roll Diameter:

Target 58″ Diameter
Minimum Roll Diameter – 56.0″
Maximum Roll Diameter – 59.0″

FSC Certificate No.


SFI Certificate No.


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